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Asaf Avidan
Well, this is different. With a unique vocal style his voice has great quality, and placed over the slow drum beats makes it very effective. With a lot of atmosphere it’s well worthy of four minutes of your time.

Bright Young People
Noisy and shouty are the first words that spring to mind, but there is a somewhat cool retro feel. Simple and effective it plods along nicely enough. Probably not the praise the band were aiming for.

There's nothing particularly subtle on Knock Knock, the debut EP from Blackpool trio Darlia, but that's not necessarily a bad thing when it more than delivers on the tunes. With a touch of Gallagher about Nathan Day's snarled vocals, the rest of the band provide the melodies to give each track an instant impact. You get the feeling that they could be a blast live.

Fake Club
Self-released ahead of their big screen debut in Powder Room (out Dec 6th through Vertigo), 'Bullet Brain' finds the scuzz rockers Fake Club in fine fettle. Delivering nice riffs and attitude-fuelled vocals in equal measure, it's a track that's hard to ignore. Whether you like it or not.

This lead single from their new Caramel EP finds Forest bringing kooky harmonies and jangling guitars to this year's indie pop revival party. With a keen melody and a hummable chorus this is pretty good stuff.

Katie Melua
No idea who Katie's demographic is these days, but that's less her problem and more mine. What I will say, from this vantage point of ignorance, is that she appears to keep the music coming and it always sounds like it will still appeal to anyone who's liked her stuff previously. She's a worker - and that counts for a lot.

Laura Welsh
As thoughts turn towards who's going to be on the airwaves in 2014, Laura Welsh could easily be on that mental list. Cementing the potential showcased on the beguiling 'Cold Front', 'Undiscovered' is a atmospheric beauty bolstered by a sumptuous vocal turn from Welsh. We like it. A lot.

Music legend Lou Reed dead at 71
Music legend Lou Reed has died today at the age of 71. Though the exact cause of death is so far unknown, Reed had undergone a liver transplant last April. Though the singer had performed live at the Grey Music Seminar in Cannes on June 20, he was apparently rushed back to the hospital in July suffering from "severe dehydration".Lou Reed was born in Brooklyn New York on March 2nd 1942 and was one of the founding members of iconic 60s group Velvet Underground. After their demise Reed enjoyed a successful solo career, including such classics as 'Walk On The Wild Side' and 'Perfect Day'. Reed's career spans 50 years and is considered one of the most significant and influential artists of the 20th century.

Lou Reed March 2, 1942 - October 27 2013

September Girls
Huzzah! Dublin five-piece show everyone else how it's done by tearing a leaf from the Spector (Phil) guide to dreamy girl pop, all the while unafraid to heed the call that says 'More drums!' Prepare for heart-skipping goodness.

Despite not sounding it at all, this guitar pop quartet are actually from Japan. There’s an early nineties Britpop vibe to them, a little like Elastica. Very likable and with a fair to middling tune.

Kaz Simmons - For The Love Of The Big L

Single of the Week

Lovely upbeat tune from Travis, the kind of jangle, life-affirming feel good stuff they are so adept at. The perfect antidote for those long November misery days that are soon upon us.

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