Ezra Furman - Day Of The Dog

It’s weird; there are some albums that you hate on first listen. Maybe it’s your frame of mind, or where you are when you’re listening. Well, the new one from Ezra Furman had that effect. If it weren't for professional duty this would have gone straight back on the shelf never to be seen again. But second time through, the noise seemed less abrasive and a bit more unique, and the melodies started to come through. Following up his debut solo album from 2012 with Day of the Dog and featuring his touring band The Boy-Friends, Chicago native Furman has crafted a fun chunk of pop-punk.

Even so, ‘I Wanna Destroy Myself’ is a terrible way to open the album, with Furman sounding like he stood on a rusty nail. Happily for us, and him, it’s not long until the superb ‘My Zero’ arrives, with its parping trumpets, catchy chorus, and pleasing melodies. It’s by far the outstanding track. The rest are a mixed bag, some a fusion of beatnik jazz and punky pop (‘Walk On In Darkness’), others full of breakneck speed and energy (‘And Maybe God Is A Train’), and some surprisingly ambitious in scope (‘Slacker/Adria’). There are weaker spot but the overall experience turns out to be rather more enjoyable than first impressions lead you to believe.



out of 10

Last updated: 06/08/2018 21:11:41

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