Anna Calvi - One Breath

Interesting and self aware, Anna Calvi makes for one of the more individual artists to have come to our attention over the past few years. Critical acclaim was widespread for her 2011 debut - which leaves expectation high for this follow up. Undaunted, Calvi wrote much of One Breath during a period of personal difficulty and the death of a close relative, and while the album certainly has its dark moments, it’s by no means a stream of misery; in fact, there’s more variation here than on that initial effort. Her voice still verges on the operatic, and the guitars still soar high and scream loud, but there are more dimensions here, more subtlety.

The drama in the music is evident right from start, even if ‘Suddenly’ has a touch of Muse to its chorus. The stand out tracks - the operatic ‘Eliza’, the jittery noise of ‘Piece By Piece’, the hook laden ‘Cry’ - all sit at the front. Right at the end you’ll find ‘Bleed Into Me’ and ‘The Bridge, two of the more restrained tracks and a welcome calm from the previous storm. There's a notable mid-album slump (‘Tristan’, ‘One Breath’) and, for all its positive qualities, there is something distant about One Breath that makes it hard to properly engage with. Overall, a more satisfying album than her debut - but one that's easier to admire than love.



out of 10

Last updated: 06/08/2018 21:14:08

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