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My mate drove his 16 year old to the Leeds festival last month, that post GCSE rite of passage designed to unleash your inner Bear Grylls. After two days stomping in an ocean of mud, he took pity and fetched her back home on the Saturday for a wash, a hot meal and a night in her own bed. Before taking her back again the next morning. (The young, eh, and their Dunkirk spirit?) “Dunno why she bothered,” he mused. “She only wanted to see that Jason Status”.

Middle age brings with it a multitude of trials and torments, not least getting the names of popular artists of the day mind-bogglingly wrong. And when your kids reach A Certain Age and you find yourself sat with said mate outside your local on the August bank holiday weekend, suddenly trapped on all sides by no less than three couples, all modelling this season’s ‘Frustrated Festival Parent’ look, it feels like the world is ending. “Ooh, our Liams’ gone, too,” says one. “I said to him, ‘I don’t want to know what you’re getting up to as long as you’re careful – I’m too young to be a bleedin’ grandmother!’”

You want to say: “S’cuse me, love. We might well, on the face of it, have much in common, but please don’t presume that we share this bemused horror. Consider, please, for a moment the possibility that I too might have at some point, perhaps more recently than you’d believe, stood in a field – or, ye gads!, a building - supping warm Tuborg while youngsters with noisy geetars went about their befuddling racket.”

I’m 44. Not a hundred and fucking four.

Anyway, here’s Jason's new album. It’s pretty fucking full on. Kinda says nothing, as you might expect or even hope, but you can picture how it will fit seamlessly into the unyielding structure of their live show: bloke at front jumps around a bit, exhorts crowd to make some noise, shouts “Jason Status!” every now and then while the other one noodles on an inaudible guitar. It gets the job done but that’s because Jason is an artisan not a visionary. All around the country old bastards like me (and my mate) suddenly find ourselves lamenting the demise of Faithless.



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Last updated: 06/08/2018 21:14:35

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