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Another week, another new batch of singles! Here are a few choice cuts...

Anna Calvi
I had a look at Calvi's current (and forthcoming) tour dates: 20 shows in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Which says a lot. Our continental cousins just seem to like the ... drama more than we do. I think we find the emotion difficult, and 'Eliza' certainly has an operatic quality to the vocals. Not sure this will persuade the unconverted to climb on board.

Crystal Fighters
More of the same chirpy feel-good endless summer fun from Crystal Fighters. If you can get passed the really annoying video, 'LA Calling' holds up rather well despite Sebastian Pringle's rather breathy voice getting buried amongst the frantic melody. Never-the-less this tune should perk you up a bit as the long nights start to draw in.

Girls in Hawaii
Decent yet uninspiring tune from Belgian band Girls in Hawaii. The melody is pretty enough yet the song never seems to go anywhere, limping moodily along without any momentum. Definitely not their finest moment.

Icona Pop
Whether 2013 will go down as a classic year for pop music we'll leave for the historians to decide, but when someone does finally put finger to iPad, the name Icona Pop will surely loom large. In a strange gestation period, their big international hit 'I Love It' didn't get an official release in the UK until more than 12 months after it first appeared; despite the fact it went on to secure a number one, it's hard to imagine how many sales were lost in the intervening period. The track's ubiquity has made for good profile and no doubt Atlantic are hoping for similar success from the supporting album.In some ways, This Is ... loses its appeal just by being too nice; it needs to 'put your shit into a bag' a few more times. Numbers such as 'All Night' or the soft girl power of 'Girlfriend' succeed as hands-in-the-air pop anthems, but they lack much character or anything to make IP particularly distinctive. For want of a better comparison, Icona Pop are no Shampoo and if they ever had any real edge, its been rubbed down and Turtlewaxed by a supposed need to appeal to a wider international audience. Aside from that track, only closer 'Then We Kiss' - with its batshit 'Crazy Frog'-meets-Plastic-Bertrand air - really stands out. The album's brevity (only 33 minutes) is a plus, and while it's an enjoyably corny half-hour, This Is ... misses the opportunity to be the backseat soundtrack of choice for recalcitrant teenagers on the night bus home.

You loved the single - what about the album?

Keane announce details of a special Fierce Panda gig
Ahead of the release of their Best Of album, Keane will play a tiny Fierce Panda gig at the Tunbridge Wells Forum on Friday 25th October to mark the first ever Keane release, 10 years ago. The Best Of Keane will be released on 11th November alongside the band's new single 'Higher Than The Sun'. Watch the video here:
Tickets available on Monday 7th October, 9am UK time, from: [url][/url].The Best Of Keane tracklisting: 1. Everybody's Changing 2. Somewhere Only We Know 3. Bend and Break 4. Bedshaped 5. This Is The Last Time 6. Atlantic 7. Is It Any Wonder? 8. Nothing In My Way 9. Hamburg Song 10. Crystal Ball 11. A Bad Dream 12. Try Again 13. Spiralling 14. Perfect Symmetry 15. My Shadow 16. Silenced By The Night 17. Disconnected 18. Sovereign Light Caf 19. Higher Than the Sun 20. Won't Be Broken

Plus the new video for 'Higher Than The Sun'

Only Real
Guitar pop is the order of the day on the new EP from Only Real, AKA west Londoner Niall Galvin, although it's not necessarily the guitar pop you'd expect. Written and demoed on a laptop and a "semi out of tune guitar" according to the press release, it has urban flecks about it, especially in Galvin's vocal delivery, and instead of jaunty hooks, laidback is the best way to describe its melodies.

Robert DeLong
According to the press notes Robert DeLong is a bit of a character, pointing his Wii remote at the audience while pumping out his poptastic beats. Hey, we need more characters. Imagine if MGMT were a full blown pop outfit and you'll get a sense of where 'Happy' is coming from.

Single of the Week

Pretty impressive effort from Duologue. The double A side single 'Talk Shop' / 'Gift Horse' really shows the band at their best. 'Talk Shop' is dark and beautiful, with a menacing pace that keeps you gripped until the very end like a riveting TV drama. 'Gift Horse' is gentler yet no less mesmerising. Tim Digby-Bell's wonderfully evocative vocals take center stage amongst the strings and gentle piano chords. Lovely stuff.

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