Steve Cradock - Travel Wild-Travel Free

If you ever thought Ocean Colour Scene were a little too enthralled by the swinging sixties then you’d best give this one a miss. OCS lead guitar wielder, and Paul Weller sideman, Steve Cradock releases his third solo album, Travel Wild - Travel Free and it’s a family affair produced with his wife, who also takes vocals on a number of tracks. Right from the artwork, through the track names (‘The Magic Hour’), to the music itself this is sixties influenced throughout, and does a surprisingly successful job of taking you back forty-plus years.

Right from the off it’s strong in its sixties mimickery: ‘I Am The Sea’ is dreamy and swirling, whilst Sally Cradock's vocals lead ‘Anyway The Wind Blows’ through its psychedelic journey. ‘Doodle Book’ has a trumpet-driven urgency, and ‘Travel Wild-Travel Free’ has an echo-y, flute-infused quality. There are some pedestrian tracks: ‘The Magic Hour’ and ‘Running Isn’t Funny Anymore’ are particularly plodding, but overall Cradock has done what he set out to do, create an ode to musical history. It’s a testament to his craft as a musician that it doesn’t run into too much of a pastiche.



out of 10

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