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A busy summer for festivals means a lightweight summer for albums and singles, but this it's all gone a little crazy with a ton of new music. Get your ears around this little lot.

Big Hard Excellent Fish
Originally written and recorded in 1989 to accompany Michael Clark's work with the Phoenix Dance Company, 'And The Question Remains' was a gloomy and downright angry indictment on society. Updated and re-recorded for the modern age it is as powerful and profane litany of the ills of society as you could imagine. You may not agree with everything said but this is a profound and disturbing piece of art that simply demands to be heard.

A track that sounds like it was turned down to be the b-side of a 90s dance single. There is nothing particularly remarkable about this generic song, perhaps a little more work on the melody would improve it just enough to be acceptable in 2013.

Charlotte Church
Lorne Thomson's gallery from the first night of Welsh warbler Charlotte Church's current tour.

Cover Drive
We don't much in the way of reggae-tinged material through, so it's always a nice change. There's a subliminal shot of an Ed Sheerhan CD in the video - which loses them some points - but overall this is at the sophisticated end of the pop spectrum and in the shape of Amanda Reifer, they have a strong and obviously talented vocalist.

A delightful track that will no doubt draw parallels with Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' and the work of Nile Rodgers in general. The almost ethereal vocals might make it more of a hidden gem that deserves much more attention that it will actually get.

Helene Greenwood
This debut single is a simple affair. Greenwood’s voice backed by a straightforward piano melody. It’s probably a little downbeat for mainstream Radio 2 playlisting but be right up Bob Harris’ avenue.

Jon Hopkins
Fresh off his Mercury Prize nomination Jon Hopkins releases a dreamy, whirring, pulsing slice of electronica. The featured vocals from Megan James of Purity Ring bring a childlike quality to the track. You know what? I like it.

Miraculous Mule
A Bob Dylan-esque track reminiscent of 'Maggie's Farm', but it does peter out towards the end by being a bit too repetitive - even with the guitar effects that turn up late in the game.

A Strokes meets Django Django like track with Joy Division-esque lead vocals. So many indie bases covered there in one tune - and a relatively enjoyable listen if you're into that sort of thing!

Single of the Week

Half Moon Run

A great bit of dark indie-folk to end/start the week. Dylan Phillips clear vocals over the crisp drumming and rumbling guitar give the track drama. These boys definitely know how to put together an emotive tune; this is a worthy follow-up to ‘Full Circle’.

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