Roll Deep - The Avenue

For their debut single, Roll Deep have decided to sample an 80s track that's so bad and cheesy I'd actually deluded myself into believing it was by Phil Collins in his murdering Motown phase. (Heartache Avenue was in fact originally by "one-hit wonders" The Maisonettes.)

Actually, "sample" is something of an overstatement. The approach here to "sampling" makes Sunset Strippers look subtle. The Avenue is more a case of playing the original song in the background while members of Roll Deep rap over it.

Any of the urgency and excitement that announced the arrival of Dizzee Rascal (who was spawned from this crew) is reserved for When I'm 'Ere, which even then never strays from Grime-by-numbers. Still, one imagines The Avenue ringtones will sell by the virtual bucketload.



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Last updated: 21/06/2018 23:58:30

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