Jack Johnson - From Here To You To Now

Straight from his studio in Hawaii, everyone’s favourite beach bum Jack Johnson is back for the sixth time, still peddling the same brand of surf-pop that he almost single-handedly popularised. Gone are the electric rumblings of his more recent albums, replaced here with bland and uninteresting ruminations on love and life. Going back to his most popular album, In Between Dreams, to retrieve producer Mario Caldato Jnr. has done nothing to repeat any of that charm or success.

The nadir of this skippable collection is right in the middle, ‘As I Was Saying’. Maybe by that point you’re just worn down by ‘Washing Dishes’, where Johnson’s still playing the surfer dreamer card, or ‘Never Fade’, one of two songs about his wife. And it doesn’t improve from there on in, despite his smooth vocal tones being present and correct. In fact if you make it to the end of the twelve tracks you’ve done well. Johnson’s descent into middle of the road-ness is now complete. If you fancy hearing a bit of surf-pop you’d be far better off picking up Brushfire Fairytales or In Between Dreams where at least there’s a bit more spark and fun.



out of 10

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