The Naked And Famous - In Rolling Waves

After bursting onto the scene with their half-million selling debut in 2011, The Naked And Famous have returned with their new album In Rolling Waves. Produced by two members of the band, it has all the ingredients - the anthem-like songwriting, just enough variation and decent enough production - but why does it feel as if they've almost tried too hard? The cliché of the ‘difficult second album’ is all too familiar, with many acts falling at this hurdle, but you can hear where The Naked And Famous have tried to not only evolve their sound further by introducing new sounds (acoustic guitar, the guitar loops), but also to make it sound markedly different from their first album. It just doesn't quite blend unfortunately.

The opening track ‘A Stillness’ has an almost country vibe before going into the indie pop style the band are known for. Single ‘Hearts Like Ours’ is probably one of the best tracks, with its guitar hook combining with the synths to make something a bit more unique, with singer Alisa Xayalith’s almost ethereal vocals bringing it all together to produce something special. As things progresses though, there is a feeling that the band are - despite best efforts - repeating themselves: ‘The Mess’ sounds suspiciously like 2011’s ‘Girls Like You’. Whilst this is not a bad album by any means, by the end, it has overstayed its welcome. They still have work to do though in order to find their niche.



out of 10

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