Singles of the Week

Well, like the weather this week's crop of singles is a bit meh. But have a listen and you may just find a patch of blue.

Billy Cullum
This sounds a bit like a reject from The Lion King soundtrack. It’s all a bit flat, there’s no real hook, no sing a long a bit, and for a pop song they’re all a bit of a crippling miss. That’ll be it getting to No. 1 next week then.

Blind Wives
It’s a somewhat generic bit of alt-rock, a bit reminiscent of very early Young Knives in the chorus; it's got that kind of punky, angular vibe. It’s passable and has a certain urgency to it.

Charlie Straight
An indie track that sounds a lot like The 1975 but without the weight. Still feels as if it could be somewhat successful with the right crowds if it gets pushed enough.

Dirty Dancing: September 2013
Got the post-Summer blues? Here's Phil with the best new electro, house, d'n'b and all sorts to cheer you up!

The last taste of Fenech-Soler's second album Rituals before its release on September 30th, 'Last Forever' is solid enough synth pop/rock but a tad too repetitive for its own good. Probably needs that extra edge of live energy to make it truly come to life.

An electro pop tune that sounds as if it was recorded on the cheapest keyboard possible, with very little spent on the production side of things. However, apart from the production struggles, it's actually a pretty decent song.

An interesting Hadouken-like composition combining guitars with synths and rap that will certainly have its fans somewhere, but they will not be of a large number.

Olivia Sebastianelli
'Perfect Getaway' doesn't hit initially but burrows itself under your skin. The driving beat and Sebastianelli's clear voice make for perfect Radio 2 fodder. A potential hit in the making?

The Superman Revenge Squad Band
Distinctly London indie-folk is the order of the day as Ben and Adam Parker return with The Superman Revenge Squad Band. New single ‘A Funny Thing You Said’ is driven by a surprisingly harmonious accordion as their sound expands to take in a full band, and benefit massively from the added colours from the multitude of instruments. This witty little ditty bodes well for the upcoming album next month.

Single of the Week

Johnny Lucas
Unfortunately for Johnny Lucas, it feels as though his latest single 'Lilo' has just missed the mark release-wise. More suited to the rays of July than the blustery rain of September, the track's an infectiously upbeat blast of pop that will make you think it's summer. Well, until you look out of the window and see the rain falling yet again that is.

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