The Winery Dogs

You pretty much know what to expect when you get an album with these guys on it. Coming together to make The Winery Dogs are Mr Big and Poison stalwart Richie Kotzen, Guitar Player magazines’ five time winner of ‘Best Rock Bass Player’ Billy Sheehan, and co-founder of Dream Theater Mike Portnoy. The template for this group is right there for all to see. With an uncanny mix of all their individual styles this self titled debut is a straight down the line, rock fan's dream. Full of heavy guitar riffs, bass crazy melodies, and high speed drumming, this is the epitome of a rawk album.

It’s all laid bare right from the start on opener ‘Elevate’, with its frantic fret shredding, and the big bass lines of Sheehan unashamedly front and centre. ‘I’m No Angel’, with its uplifting feel, and ‘You Saved Me’ show a slightly lighter side to the group, and at the other extreme the coda of ‘The Other Side’, and the whole of ‘Time Machine’, are far heavier in their intensity of noise. (‘Desire’ has a strangely familiar melody in its chorus. Answers on a postcard ...) Tunes further into the tracklisting, like ‘One More Time’, are where you might think they’d start to struggle to keep the attention, but the combination of styles ensure this doesn’t happen. In fact there’s just enough variety on show to make sure you don’t get fatigued, so if you like classic rock you’ll want to pick this up. Very basically it’s a medley of all the best bits that rock has to offer.



out of 10

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