Splashh - Comfort

A London-based four piece (via Australia, New Zealand, and Telford) Splashh wear their influences on their sleeve on debut release Comfort, in particular The Pixies, echoes of whom you can hear on and off throughout. With the album already released in the US and a successful US tour behind them, they now focus on the UK with a set of Autumn dates lined up and a growing reputation in tow.

Comfort is a strong initial volley. Despite their being together for a little over a year, they have a clear sense of their own sound, and apart from a little slump in the later stages they hit a lot more highs than you might expect. ‘Headspins’ opens the album with a Kim Deal aping bass riff before ‘All I Wanna Do’ hits the overdrive button and lifts the energy levels through the roof. The catchy chorus of ‘Vacation’ is eminently hummable, and the excellent ‘Lemonade’ flies along on its pulsing, repeating, guitar chords, before the album winds down to a slightly underwhelming last couple of tracks. In delivering an impressive, but not perfect, debut Splashh have at least left themselves with somewhere to go, and a solid foundation on which to build.



out of 10

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