The 1975

The line that separates The 1975's eponymously named debut from a boy band like, say, One Direction is pretty thin: jingly-jangly poppy numbers; twee arrangements; the pretty-boy tenor of vocalist Matthew Healy. Take your pick, all that's missing are the dance routines.

Such traits are apparent on the annoying 'Money' and trite 'She Way Out'; with little to grab hold onto, it's like trying to break your fall with cotton candy. There is release however, in 'Chocolate' and 'Sex', both of which pack a bit more punch and originality but otherwise the rest of the album is depressingly samey. The monotonous 'Talk', the indifferent 'Heart Out', the tracks just pass by without leaving much of an imprint. Oddly, The 1975 have amassed quite a following, feature prominently on the airwaves and seem to have been embraced by hipper sections of the Third Estate. Go figure, 'cos we can't. This is indie music courtesy of Marks & Spencer.



out of 10

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