Wrath Records - Wrath Supersevens: Series 2

Leeds-based Wrath Records has decided to resurrect their Supersevens singles club. Briefly, they will release six 'beautiful and glorious 7" vinyl' split A-side records, limited to just 300 copies each. The only guideline for the content is that it should POP, though my listen to the the first two releases suggests gratifyingly that we are talking more about Mark E. Smith's idea of 'pop' than Britney's.

The last series had artists such as Beachbuggy, Magoo, Chris T-T, Les Flames!, The Scaramanga Six, Stuffy/The Fuses, Mama Scuba, Little Japanese Toy and Being 747. The second series line up isn't fully nailed down and there's even the possibility of a four-track release somewhere along the line, but judging by past experience and the first two releases, it should all be quality.

Subscribers to the scheme will receive each disc as it's released and then finally a CDR of all the tracks when series has finished. Half of the 300 disc run will be reserved for subscribers and the rest will go out to record stores and be sold by the bands at gigs. Those of you who don't own a record player, and who don't wish to wait for that CDR could always pick up the cheap but excellent Bush MTT1 (including pre-amp) for under £50 from Argos, Richer Sounds or the like. I've used mine to make many MP3s of vinyl to good effect.

Subscription is a mere £18 with the postage and packaing inclusive (and there'll could be some bonus items thrown into the packages too). The chances of this being anything but a loss-making venture for Wrath are likely to be slim, but if that's not enough to sway you to their cause, consider only that you'll be getting some top-quality releases for you money, and none of it will go toward funding court-cases because 'home tapingMP3 is killing music'.

To subscribe:

By post: Send a cheque for £18 payable to 'Wrath Records' to:

Wrath Records
The Cardigan Centre
145-149 Cardigan Road

State your name, address and email clearly.

Online: Go to www.wrathrecords.co.uk and then click on the 'Product' page, which should take you to their partner's shop where the transaction can be done in many currencies. There may be a handling charge.

In person: Go to a gig by a participating band and give them your cash and details.

Wrath Superseven #7 (WRATH28): Being 747 / The Lodger

Being 747's 'DIY Prescriptions' opens the first disc of Supersevens Series 2 with a Fall-esque driving, edgy slab of rock, overdriven fuzzed-up vocals yell out something about the NHS - the gist being about the state of our health system. There's a quote about them from Artrocker claiming 'if you like your lyrics this band is for you', but on this offering I'd say that if you like your music they're also for you.

For me, The Lodger's 'Getting Special' is the weakest of the four tracks spread over these first two Supersevens, but it's still decent enough. It has a strong feel of early 90s Baggy combined with that modern ska-influenced post-punkery. It's fairly quiet and tuneful.

Wrath Superseven #8 (WRATH29): Stuffy/The Fuses / The Secret Hairdresser

'Sir Wants Sex' starts out with some truly manic drumming and then bursts into a jagged start/stop shouty sweary number backed by some soaring brass on the choruses. It's produced by the legend that is Steve Albini and burns itself out in just under two glorious minutes.

The Secret Hairdresser give us 'Copier', an intriguing joining of fuzzy heavy noise, la-la-la pop choruses and oscillatory synth noises straight out of the sixties. While this description sounds messy, it's more messed-up, and in a good way, than anything else. Fantastic.

N.B. It's nice to note Wrath Records' tag line is "let's call the whole thing WRATH", reminding us we Brits pronounce 'wrath' to rhyme with 'fuck off', unlike the Americans who seem to prefer to rhyme it with 'suck ass'.



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