Silver Arm - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

On the tip of a gentleman whose taste in music I (mostly) respect, I find myself at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on a barmy summer's night to check out Silver Arm. A good size crowd cling to the bar at the back like a particularly shy limpet, not exactly helping the atmosphere, but healthy applause after each song proves that the band are not falling upon deaf ears.

Unleashing a brand of grunge heavy enough to make the ears bleed of any youngsters only just discovering Nirvana, Silver Arm flit amongst genres on a whim, forcing them to bend to their distorted, reverb-drenched will. At their very best when they truly let rip, it is tracks like 'Power Of The Sun' that really excite: shifting dynamics backed up by some monstrous riffs prove to be very pleasing indeed.

Rather stilted between songs and at risk of diffusing any momentum built up, the wish is that they would just hurry up and launch into the next blast of mayhem. But with the whirling guitars and the drummer going nuts behind the kit, these furious little gems are a delight nevertheless. A promising live act then, Silver Arm would be right at home in a dark and sweaty rock club with nowhere to hide – bring on the mosh pits!

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