Special Needs - Barfly, London

Special Needs cut curious figures. They look spectacularly unexciting. You know the sort of thing, skinny things with guitars; the sort of act you can't move for in this, the year of our lord 2005 AD. The year is mentioned for a reason, for this is yet another band shamelessly stealing from the stuff that our parents listened to, beefing it up a bit and pretending its something new and exciting. But hey, that's what people seem to want, and it has to be said that Special Needs at least are capable of raising a little hell while they are avoiding working in an office. Good on them. Zac, the singer and hero of the hour, can actually sing and this is a bouny gig with actual singing along and shouting. Think of a wall of sound consisting of powercharged Do-Wops and Be-Bops and you've got an idea of what to expect -The sing-a-long nature of the songs making them instantly appealing and current single, Blue Skies sounds absolutely storming live. Like Adam and the Ants if they formed today and went straight to the Prince Charming era. Exciting live and good musicians to boot. What more do you want?

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