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My first week curating our weekly batch of the great, the terrible, and those we aren't really fussed either way about. Not too many to choose from in the end of summer lull, but read on to find out what we think. And make your own choice.

A decently performed piece of melodic punk rock but one that's hardly likely to set the world on fire.

Franz Ferdinand

Action stations! The return of the smart Alex.

'Brand New Day', the fourth single to be taken from Kodaline's debut album In A Perfect World, is a pleasant slice of inoffensive pop that's competently delivered. Back-handed compliment? That's entirely a personal opinion.

This is really sparse. It almost sounds like it’s been recorded in a village hall, all echo-y with vocals sounding like they're being sung right next to you. Not great to be honest.

Rizzle Kicks
With pop culture-fuelled lyrics, 'Lost Generation' sees Rizzle Kicks on usual form and while we'll never be their target audience, we'd feel churlish if we dismissed the single. Why? Because the video saw the duo work with GoThinkBig, where 150 young people were given work experience on set to kick-start careers. For that, the track get a pass.

The WhyBirds
Sounding nothing like a British blues-rock band should do, and everything like an American one does, The WhyBirds flip between Black Keys style dirty guitar chord driven verses and a cleaner, less industrial chorus. It’s almost like two songs mixed up.

TMF Grass Roots
Welcome to #TMFGrassroots - the section on Music @ The Digital Fix where you'll only find new bands and artists - both recently signed and unsigned. Join us in discovering the best in new music...If you'd like to be featured here then please get in touch telling us a little about you and your music...

Josie Charlwood - Lola's Theme (Live Looped cover)
We first noticed Josie Charlwood when her cover of 'Feel Good Inc.' was brought to our attention and she'd worked that magic again with this fantastic take on the Shapeshifters track, 'Lola's Theme'...

More impressive looping from Ms Charlwood!

Single of the Week

Mikill Pane
A perfectly timed re-release of Mikill Pane's 'Summer In The City' given the traditional bank holiday weather we're having. An infectious whistling backdrop boosts a hugely likable effort that promises good things from Pane's debut album Blame Miss Barclay, out September 9th.

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