Singles ‘Bloodsports’ and ‘Backwaters’ have persuaded many to tip sibling duo Drenge for big things. With a Queens of the Stone Age-meets-White Stripes vibe, you’d think it’d be a shoe-in, right?, but this is one of those instances where the sum of the parts somehow ends up being less than imagined.

In terms of just two people rocking out, it does it pretty well. However, there's little in the way of differentiation across the running time, with the brothers finding a riff (just one), running with it - and assuming that's enough. When they do stray off formula, on the eight minute minute ‘Let’s Pretend’, they use the garage rock guitars to sketch out an interesting picture that asks the listener to finally pay attention, rather than just zone out to the relentless riffery. All Drenge does is expose the limitations of their deliberately chosen format.



out of 10

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