Pinkunoizu - The Drop

Danish alt-psych-rockers Pinkunoizu release their second album of hard-to-pin-down rock. Actually, is it rock? Well, yes it is. That’s the one thing you can say with certainty: that it’s rock of some sort. Guitar, bass, drums, and vocals - the full set of instruments needed to create a bonafide rock band. But there are also lots of other things going on, whether it’s an unexpected switch between male and female vocals, or the cacophony of beeps and whirs of electronica that dominate some tracks, The Drop is never straightforward.

First track, ‘The Great Pacific Garbage Patch’, sets the tone both in title and in content, before the near ten minutes of ‘Necromancer’ melds almost every style of rock you can think of. The bizarre ‘The Swollen Map’ could have been lifted straight from the Twin Peaks soundtrack, and ‘Down In The Liverpool Stream’ seems lifted from a different album, all relaxed and quiet. Despite the uncompromising approach Pinkunoizu can deliver some decent stuff, it just requires some work on behalf of the listener. They haven’t dropped the ball with this one, they've created something unique and interesting. One for the curious to seek out.



out of 10

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