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OK now you know who the new Doctor is you can relax by checking out this week's selection of singles.

Andy Burrows
A new mix of the track that has previously been released on Andy Burrows' album Company, there is a marked difference between the new mix and the album version. Gone is the guitar solo and the song seems to achieved a new breath of life. Overall, an enjoyable track to nod along to.

Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation
A country meets indie combo with a catchy melody and an equally memorable tune to match, Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation's 'Snowballs' is an excellent contribution to the music world.

Kathryn Williams

A very pleasant track, in other hands it could be twee but Kathryn Williams sells it. Her delicate voice and guitar, and the lyrics, make this a gentle Sunday afternoon of a song.

Keston Cobblers Club
Keston Cobblers Club's latest effort is a ukulele and banjo backed relaxing tune with elements of Mumford & Sons, with both male and female vocalists contributing to the ethereal qualities of 'A Scene Of Plenty'.

We're a sucker for an unashamedly retro guitar solo, so Lissie's latest effort was on good footing with us from the get-go. Not that 'Further Away (Romance Police)' doesn't have other elements in its favour as well. The dual vocals over the chorus are neatly done and Lissie's slightly gravelly vocals are always a delight. Nicely played.

First outing for new duo Nothankyou, AKA Tom Vek and Olga Bell, 'Know Yourself / Oyster' delivers two tracks of deliciously warped electro, boosted by Bell's sultry vocals. If either effort can be considered radio-friendly, 'Know Yourself' is the more accessible but 'Oyster' is the more interesting of the pair. An auspicious opening bow.

Seriously slow building, this is a proper Coldplay-esque crowd pleaser. A great voice and tender opening two minutes give way to an inevitable march towards an emotional blackmail of a coda.

San Cisco
Two chords? No chorus? Nearly 5 million plays on YouTube? Something tells me I'm in the wrong game.

The Fades
The Fades normally trade in a gloriously raucous and unkempt line of garage rock, so why they chose to release this hideously dull AOR ditty is hard to fathom. Hopefully this is a mere aberration and normal service will soon be resumed.

Single of the Week


These Irish boys don’t take themselves too seriously - just take a look at the video. The song itself is a fun piece of noise pop as well. “Digging Holes / Getting O-o-old”, I guarantee you’ll be singing that for the rest of the day.

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