The Super Happy Fun Club - All Funned Up

Pop punkers The Super Happy Fun Club have endured a tough time since their debut album in 2011. A raft of personal issues drove them to refocus on the music and make All Funned Up, well, fun. The result is more polished than their previous effort; it's slicker and more mature but along the way they may have lost some of their youthful rawness.

The punk-lite ‘Who Drank My Beer’ is a lively way to kick things off before songs like ‘Move On’, ‘Okay Okay’, and ‘Plus One’ bring on a feeling of deja vu: haven’t we already had a new Fall Out Boy album this year? This is similar territory and that feeling of familiarity never quite goes away. ‘Blinders’ and ‘Fine Distraction (Lax)’ are solid enough (if a touch unexciting) and there’s nothing terrifically original on show. ‘Enemy’ takes a different path, more thoughtful and sweeping, and lead single ‘Way Back (The Conflict)’ recaptures a little of that basic pop thrill. If you’re a fan of the genre you’ll find something to enjoy here. You’ll have fun, but super happy might be pushing it.



out of 10

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