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Let's be honest, as of yesterday, the next 17 days were never going to live up to last year, so let's all just give up and regather on August 13th? To at least make an attempt to fit in with history though, we're going to give a gold medal today instead of a SOTW crown.

Erstwhile King Blues-er iTCH continues his solo career with another lyrically powerful and vocally ferocious single that has a more subdued electronic backing than on previous releases but still has enough power and drive to keep you hooked.

If not deserving of a gold, then Birmingham four-piece Jaws' latest single is certainly worthy of a silver. A tad more accessible than previous efforts but still swimming in the garage pop-rock pool, 'Gold' delivers a chorus big enough for a subtle sense of euphoria. The sign of a band going in the right direction.

Kid Wave
Pretty nondescript, this is a plodding piece of indie with no spark. There’s nothing to hear here, move along.

Peter Aristone
An up-tempo, almost discoish , piece of summery pop that offers just enough to make you want to hear more. A decent debut.

Self-released by the duo, 'Vision Tricks' is a neat little introduction to riot grrrl(s) Vulkano from Sweden. With a strong melody underlying the whole track, distinctive vocals and a smartly judged climactic build-up means that we'll be awaiting further efforts from Vulkano over the coming months.

An electronic hedonistic landscape of sound, relying on classic electro vibes to bring everything together into a 9 minute musical journey reaching towards a crescendo of sound that is enough to blow any electro fan’s mind.

Single of the Week

Thomas Dybdahl
‘But We Did’ is another entry into the Scandinavian songbook, with singer-songwriter Thomas Dybdahl giving a subtle yet emotional vocal performance. Add in some proper blues guitar licks, a gentle drum presence and some ghostly whispering harmonies and you get this cracking song.

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