Peaches - FatherFucker

It’s good to have an album with a title that makes some sort of statement, isn’t it? You know, something evocative, mysterious, dangerous, exciting or sexy’ “Blood on the Tracks”, “Never Mind The Bollocks”, “Generation Terrorists” are all great titles and great albums, but, seriously, what can you expect from an album with a title like “FatherFucker”?

You would expect something direct, fairly obnoxious and confrontational and that is what you get here. Unfortunately, Peaches does not always succeed, but for the first minute and a half of listening to this album, you think she just might have. “I Don’t Give A…” is a fantastic start to an album, all distorted guitars, a Joan Jett sample and foul mouthed lyrics. However, the rest of the album almost completely fails to live up to this early promise.

What you get is simple beat box rhythms, occasional distorted guitar and Peaches reciting her fairly hackneyed mantra. “I don’t have to make the choice/I like girls and I like boys” from “I U She” just about sums it up. Peaches raps as though she has discovered this amazing new pastime called sex, and wants the world to know about it. She wants to shock, and a few decades ago, she probably would have done, but the only people likely to be shocked by this are, perhaps, Daily Mail readers who live on an island with no electricity who think that Madonna is still a bit of a ‘one’.

There are a few highlights on offer, though. “Rock ‘n’ Roll” could well be the party single of the year. It’s a glorious romp of distorted guitars and vocals that sound as though they are being sung through a throat full of glass. It’s wonderful stuff, but only serves to highlight the average quality of the rest of the songs on here. “Rip It Up” is another stand out track, with a guest spot from Iggy Pop, which has swagger, attitude and balls, which the rest of the album sadly lacks.

It’s difficult to imagine who would buy such an album. If your musical sensibilities are recently awakened, and you stumbled across her on your way from Junior Senior to wherever, you might be impressed, but not for long as apart from some simple riffs, some sexual sound bytes and a desire to shock, there is little here of any substance. It’s all been done before and better. There are some moments where she rocks out and really lets go, but these are too few and far between to really be able to recommend this, but they do show signs, hopefully, of something more interesting to come.

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