The Whigs - Enjoy The Company

A three piece from Athens, Georgia, The Whigs return with their fourth album of garage rock. Despite having been out in the US for nearly twelve months, it’s only now getting an official release over here.

Eight minutes sixteen seconds. If ever a song could do with pruning in the edit suite, album opener ‘Staying Alive’ is it. A brilliant piece of pop-rock, it’s got trumpets, it’s feel good and summery - what more could you want? Well, you want it to end after four minutes, for sure. Instead the band decided to indulge themselves for a further four minutes of noise. Sadly, this is a malaise that bleeds across the next few tracks, most of which deliver the cardinal sin of making the listener switch off, with ‘Tiny Treasure’ being the nadir. It’s not until the midway point that things look up with the downbeat and slightly weird ‘After Dark’. From there on in things mostly pick up; ‘Couple of Kids’ is pleasingly restrained and ‘Rock and Roll Forever’ pleasingly straightforward. Were the album not so crippled by its first half it would be easy to recommend as a decent listen, but it's hard to overlook the flaws.



out of 10

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