Clang Boom Steam

With a not so subtle nod to Tom Waits in their name and debut album title, Clang Boom Steam suggest they're not lacking confidence. They certainly seem confident about their unoriginality, with hardly an idea of their own on any of the ten tracks presented here. But being derivative isn’t always a bad thing, and the Scouse noisemakers forge a sound that’s heavy on the bass and fuzzy guitar, whilst also being competent enough to write some decent tunes while frontman Garvan Cosgrove channels the spirit of Johnny Cash.

Slow burner ‘Worms’ epitomises this bass-driven sound, plodding along with intermittent feedback-riven guitar moments. ‘Weird Bint’, with possibly the first use of the word bint in a song title, and ‘I Look Better In This Light’ throw in a bit of punk pastiche. There are a couple of lighter tracks too: the tuneful ‘Diggin Up The Dead’, and the American drawl of ‘Good Ship’. Album closer ‘Fort St Gabriel’ could have been nicked straight from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. Overall, this is an OK listen but the crushing predictability saps much of the entertainment value.



out of 10

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