Fist City - It's 1983 - Grow Up!

Yeah, you're probably as bored with the notion of yet another garage band as we are, but Canadians Fist City keep interest levels high by taking a standard surf-rock chassis and pimping the ass out of it by adding a manic edge that brings to mind the best Californian punk of the late 70s. Reverb is set high, there's no bottom end to speak of and sometimes ('Blow' for example) the guitars are doing that whole Sonic Youth duelling thing that suggests these kids have no intention in simply being pigeonholed.

That's probably evidence enough to make It's 1983 ... worthy of investigation, but with the recent gender re-assignment of singer and guitarist Kier Griffiths (prev. Brittany), it proves punk can still be the go-to format for those voices rarely heard - if at all - in the mainstream. Given the bland mediocrity of the bills at the big - supposedly alternative - music festivals this summer, and the conveyor belt of new acts with nothing much to say about anything, Fist City couldn't have timed their arrival any better.



out of 10

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