Singles of the Week

While the sun is blazing and the BBQs are firing we find ourselves locked in the dungeon of TMF towers sweating over this week's bunch of singles. Never again let it be said that we don't suffer for your benefit.

Clang Boom Steam
Opening with a swell of feedback and foghorn-like bass, Clang Boom Steam certainly know how to make an impression. A dark western of a song, 'Clan' is driven on by jangling guitar, and a repeating vocal refrain. The good, not bad, and not so ugly either.

Katy B
'What Love Is Made Of', the first single to be taken from Katy B's as-yet-untitled second album due in autumn, is more of the same but when it's this polished, that's no bad thing. Personal preference would be for a track that gave Katy B's vocals more of a showcase instead of the dancefloor beats, but maybe that's yet to come.

Little Comets
An atmospheric acoustic number accompanied by a vaguely haunting voice, which seems to be the formula these days for bands seeking chart success. Nonetheless, it’s a good track and certainly seems very memorable.

New Desert Blues
A decent start for New Desert Blues. Sort of downbeat, it's trying to be moody, but not that moody. 'Adam' shows they have some talent for writing tunes, this one does stay in your head. They're like a slightly less intense Editors back when they weren't trying too hard.

Having just released their debut album in the States, Splashh's latest release on these isles gives us an idea what to expect. Yet, we're not exactly waiting on tenterhooks following 'Feels Like You'. Somewhat of a trippy mess, the most memorable thing about it is the pink elephant in the video.

The New Mendicants
Like a lost CSN track this jaunty number jogs pleasantly along on a wave of harmonies, light guitar, and gentle drumming. A nice lightweight summer tune, it still finds room to slot in an almost apologetic guitar solo.

Single of the Week

The Strypes
When it comes to music I am pretty easy to please. Some pretty boys on guitars and drums, a great riff, catchy melody and I'm happy. So the excellent 'Hometown Girls' from musical prodigies The Strypes makes me very very happy indeed. The perfect soundtrack to this glorious weather that we are finally enjoying. Crank it up.

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