The Cribs - The New Fellas

So here’s The Cribs with their rather boldly titled new album, considering there’s very little in the way of ‘new’ actually included on this single silver disc. And take a look at the cover, kids – Yeah! Drinking is so cool, it must be the new crack or something. Anyway, cheap shots at the more easily mocked aspects of this release aside, what you actually get for yer hard earned beer tokens is a collection of pop/rock tunes that sound like something The Kinks might perform should they have formed yesterday rather than 40 years ago - without the style, wit, humour or any of the genius, of course.

It’s all curiously uninvolving stuff here. The band is competent enough and, interestingly, the production is top-notch stuff – with crashing drums and slightly out of tune sounding guitars all over the place. It’s just a shame there’s not enough substance for it to polish. You get the impression that these chaps are not quite firing on all cylinders in the studio, which is a shame for they’d probably be a fairly formidable outfit live. In a small, sweaty place, of course, and there the rattle and clatter of ‘Hey Scenesters’ or the almost quirky ‘It Was Only Love’ could shine like little crazy diamonds. The album experience is simply to samey and tame to make much of an impression beyond that of a wasted opportunity. Shame.



out of 10

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