New Order - Live at Bestival 2012

If Bernard Sumner and the rest of New Order are looking to hack off Peter Hook they're doing a pretty good job of it. Not only are they still pulling audiences and headlining festivals, but they're also being all-round good eggs, with the profits from this recording of their performance at Bestival in 2012 going to charity, mate. Meanwhile, Hooky is hawking himself around smaller venues playing New Order and Joy Division albums front to back. You can imagine who's the happier party. The second of two UK headline slots in 2012, Bestival rounded off their summer in style. The Live at Bestival 2012 tracklist is pretty obvious, saving up most of the biggies until the end in true festival fashion. Some of the old favorites take on a different sound: 'True Faith' turns up the bass and morphs into a dance anthem of sorts (losing a little of its essence along the way). As you would expect the extended 'Bizarre Love Triangle' knocks things out of the park. Finally, as Sumner says, "the song to end all festivals, and it's ours" is a corking performance of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'. There is something about current day New Order live though, a certain spark missing, and it's hard to put a finger on it, although an old friend might have an idea about that. This is a solid live album, the sound quality is excellent, although you do lose most of the crowd feedback. Ultimately it's a feelgood chance to get an official live recording of one of the iconic British bands.



out of 10

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