A Grave With No Name - Whirlpool

After hearing the band’s melancholic name and opening track 'Higher'’s wind-chime heavy eeriness, you may think you have Whirlpool, A Grave With No Name’s new album, all figured out. But first impressions are not always everything. It becomes evident as the album progresses that with the rotating line-up of vocalists (including contributions from members of Comanechi and Echo Lake) and the raw, distinctive beauty of each individual track, Whirlpool is little work of art.

'Aurora' instantly hits with a strong riff and muted vocals, and it transpires A Grave ... have a knack for infectious choruses. From the haunting melancholy of 'Six Months' and 'Balloon' to the upbeat surf-style of 'Origami', these guys play fast and loose with the notion of genre, although anyone with a fondness for skewed 90s slacker rock will recognise many of its characteristics. Able to convey a sense of loss and desolation while remaining effortlessly cool, and with the hushed, understated feel, the project is refreshingly humble. Whirlpool is definitely worth a listen or five.



out of 10

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