The Music Flix: Equinox, The Peacekeeper

We described Birdsongs On The Waste Land as a 'brilliant surprise'. Arriving without hype, free from expectation and draining PR spin, Wouter Buyst's musical explorations of our inner and external worlds has been one of 2013's genuine delights - proof that maverick spirits can properly flourish, even in today's over-exposed industry. Being from Belgium probably helps with that, too.

When questioned, Buyst says "Most of my songs are influenced by personal experiences, a lot of them while travelling but movies do have their influence as well though," meaning he was a ripe candidate to sit down and pick out a few of his filmic inspirations for a series we, rather pathetically, decided to call The Music Flix.

WAKING LIFE - dir. Richard Linklater, 2001

This movie explores the borders between the dream state and waking state and the art of lucid dreaming. It’s stuff that pops up in my lyrics: an enhanced state of being, whether it’s because you're high, about to die, in meditation, dreaming lucidly or randomly epiphanous. It’s the interesting moments of being alive. Getting out of the hypnotizing matrix that we weave before our eyes. ‘Drop Out Of Time' is one song that deals with this and was written right after I was meditating and had this little breakthrough into emptiness, for a split second. Trying to grasp something.

THE IDIOTS - dir. Lars Von Trier, 1998

Used to be my favourite movie because of its message (not because of the hardcore porn scene). It’s about stepping out of society by pretending to be handicapped.

ERASERHEAD - dir. David Lynch, 1977

Mixing with Darren Allison, this movie was referred to when we wanted to describe a certain kind of atmosphere: gritty, dark, weird. You can hear it in 'Please Strip Naked Now' where Darren sent everything into the broadband with his radio transmitter, then we tuned in to the frequence with a little transistor radio, and recorded it again, slightly off frequency, which gives it this dark undefinable edge. A kind of hiss and grain only Darren can produce.

NO DIRECTION HOME - dir. Marin Scorcese, 2005

Pure inspiration. Every time I watch it I get this renewed drive. Bob Dylan has got this fire burning in (the mid 1960s). You feel his drive. There’s something destructive there as well. I love the older Dylan (from just 2 years before) just as much too.

THE DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON- dir. Jeff Feuerzeig, 2005

Saw the documentary years ago in a public screening while I had taken a small dose of LSD. In the documentary Daniel takes LSD and explains how he tagged the Statue of Liberty with littlee fish-Christ signs and how the guys from Sonic Youth had to go looking for him in the streets of New York.

I was struck by the honesty of the man. I wanted to make something that purveyed the same kind of honesty. I went home, wrote and recorded ‘We Could Wake Each Other Up’ (the title song of my first album) while I was still under the influence. You can hear my dog whining in the background of the track. He kept wanting attention but I felt I had to put my feeling to tape, before he’d get my strange vibes.

THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD - dir. Yukari Hayashi, 1994

This is narrated by Leonard Cohen. This is the same deal as Waking Life.

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