Singles of the Week

With summer seemingly behind us, and the rainy festival season in full swing, you could easily be excused for taking shelter from the elements and humidity and listening to this week's singles instead.

About Group
'All Is Not Lost' sees a hint of r'n'b seep into About Group's sound. Recorded straight to tape for that primitive vibe, the mellow message sits easily with some catchy electronic beats.

A Springsteen-esqe stomper marks the return of a band who constantly go from strength to strength. 'A Ton Of Love' is taken from their forthcoming album The Weight Of Your Love and is sure to be going around and round in your head for days.

Elliott Power
'SINK/SWIM', the debut offering from West London-bred Elliott Power, certainly doesn't lack for ideas and even if its electronic leanings are not your cup of tea (and they're not fully ours in that regard), you have to at least admire that aspect.

Grass House
'And Now For The Wild' tells a tragic tale with some refinement. The distorted chorus vocals are most effecting and the clever lyrical play offers something really unique here.

Men's Adventures

As gentle as they come, the latest EP from London duo Men's Adventures doesn't exactly set the pulse racing but there's plenty to admire for fans of reflective - but not melancholic - folk-rock. Centrepiece 'Welcome Home' is the highlight of Solitary Trip's five-track offering, with closer 'Feeling Bad' narrowly behind.

Rod Stewart
Taken from Rod Stewart's first number one album in upteen years, 'She makes Me Happy' is a sweet, cutesy little song with Rod gushing about the joys of being in love and how it has made him say bye bye to his bad boy days. The melody is lively with lots of fiddles and strumming guitars whirling around Stewart's familiar raspy voice. This should keep the pensioners dancing on those Viking River cruises.

Rose Windows

There's a real old time feel to 'Wartime Lovers', mainly due to the vocals from Rabia Shaheen Qazi and the 60's flower power trope of flute and organ. There is a tiny hint of Black Keys melody to blend in a contemporary feel. Really though you feel transported back fifty years, and that's as good a place as any to be.

Sonic Boom Six

A three-and-a-half minute song that doesn’t exactly inspire much. Pop punk with synths and rapping, ‘Karma Is A Bitch’ sounds like it will certainly have its fans in the pop punk sector but nowhere beyond. Sonic Boom Six? More like sonic boom zero.

Straight Arrows
'Something Happens' is the first UK single release from the Aussie band and is rather disappointing. The song is undoubtedly catchy, but is so short it barely seems to get started. The sound and style of the band is reminiscent of The Vaccines, but, unfortunately the song isn't.

The Lumineers
With the success of debut single 'Ho Hey', The Lumineers set the bar high, they got on telly adverts and everything. 'Stubborn Love' continues in a similar vein, beating rhythmic drums, tambourines, and choral harmonies. It's catchy, it's fun, and it's got that festival sing-a-long chorus, altogether now "Whoa whoa woe".

The Melodic

A rather beautiful four track EP of pop folk with quirky arrangements and instrumentation that bring to mind the Tunng at their lightest. The African infused ‘Hold On’ is probably the pick of the bunch but, really, there are no weak points on this delightful debut.

Single of the Week

Cattle & Cane

As long as Cattle & Cane can keep producing such enjoyable slices of perky folk/rock as this, then they have a good chance of keeping their heads above the increasingly strong competition in such a saturated field. A winner.

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