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Apologies for the slight delay this week - we had our Summer yesterday so decided to take advantage of the twelve hours of sun it brought...

A solid anthemic rock effort, the second single from Dexters may not break any new ground but knows what it is and delivers it perfectly, with nice energy levels to boot.

Eli and Fur
DJ duo Eli and Fur’s aptly named newest EP, Nightmares, manages to create a dreamlike state between consciousness and sleep. Released on their own label, NYX Records, the title track is ideally suited to whatever grimy underground house and dance club you choose, the headache-inducing video simply adding to the effect. However, the three remixes which fill out the package somewhat push the hypnotic feel over the edge and simply feel like 22 minutes of the same song.

Ethereal delights await on Norwegian singer-songwriter Farao's debut single 'Skin', on which she played everything bar percussion. The result is a downright gorgeous, gently haunting ballad that provides a delicious showcase of Farao's soft, swoonsome vocals.

Fun Adults
We could almost repeat our review of Fun Adults' debut double A-side for their follow-up release 'For Water / Peek And Punch'. Undoubtedly talented musically, especially given the contrast between the two sides, but little evidence of something to love and revisit. Still, it's early days and everything we've heard suggests the Leeds four-piece can find that added je ne sais quoi in due course.

Hungry Kids of Hungary
If you've got a They Might Be Giants-sized hole in your belly, HKoH might just be able to fill it. These Aussie Kids know their way around more-ish alt-pop without every getting too sickly and we predict Supersize success! (You're fired - Ed.)

Acting like a checklist of what makes MS MR tick, 'Hurricane' utilises strong vocals and moody synths to deliver a sterling dark electro pop/rock effort. Like this? There's a strong chance debut album SECONDHAND RAPTURE (out now) will be right up your street.

A boring, repetitive tune at best, this track will leave you wondering where the past few minutes of your life have gone. As a debut release Olugbenga does little to distinguish itself from an ocean of similar, half-baked electro efforts.

Jazz-tinged, summer Sunday smoothness from a guy who has been a bedrock of the British urban scene since the early 1990s. People who know his work (how many acts do you know with an MBE for their efforts?) will welcome the return of a voice that can't help but turn a frown upside down. It's called 'The Man' for a reason.

A catchy dance number with distant vocals, this song will get you tapping your feet but those weak vocals do it no service and it proves to be largely forgettable few minutes.

Single of the Week

Night Engine
Night Engine have definitely been born in the wrong decade. With more than an aura of late 70s about them, their two new tracks 'Give Me A Chance' and 'Young And Carefree' might start very differently (the former as jaunty as the latter is menacing) but eventually form excellent slabs of storming bass-driven rock. Mightily impressive.

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