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Coldplay’s eagerly awaited 3rd album, released 5 years after their debut Parachutes and 3 years after their multiple Brit and Grammy award winning Rush of Blood to the Head. Both excellent albums at the time, and still good 5 and 3 years ago respectively. So you would think that Coldplay have that formula of middling indie to a tee?

Well, unfortunately, despite the raw, emotional songs of yore that Coldplay are renowned for, here I find myself thinking that this album isn’t the pop perfection that has been bandied about since day one of this album.

When the first single from X&Y was released, it was surprisingly good, and left me thinking ‘Wow, this album will be stunning if the tracks are even remotely similar!’ . Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be the case.

Having listened to the album many times over, other than Speed of Sound, I can’t really seem to find any other songs worthy of being a standalone single release. This particular fact strikes me as a possible incursion from the EMI/Parlophone big-wigs instructing Martin to release an ‘Album’ as opposed to a ‘Singles Album’.

Which is one of the good points of the album to be honest, it flows well for a Coldplay record. Previous incarnations of which always seemed slightly static in respect to it being an album as opposed to a loose collection of songs on a CD, which happened to be Coldplay songs.

All is not lost however. The band seems to be taking a different route with tracks like Talk (which steals the riff from ‘Computer Love’ by the German Techno-greats Kraftwerk) and title track X&Y, which has a much fuller sound, akin to Abbey Road Beatles work. Thankfully, the album also contains growers - In particular Fix You which once listened to repeatedly is one of the more promising tracks on the album.

All in all, it’s not a particularly bad record, but at the same time, it's nothing spectacular either. Its just not what its been trumped up to be.
A sorry casualty of mass media hype? I think so.



out of 10

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