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OK, stop what you're doing. It's the Music Fix Singles of the Week. Pay attention.

Arcane Roots
Arcane Roots trade in that brand of 21st century metal that no-one over about 25 really likes. Technically accomplished, complex but over-sung and frankly, a tad annoying. It's like someone decided that metal needed a bit more of a Whitney Houston influence - and I don't mean more cocaine.

Bonobo ft. Grey Reverend
‘First Fires’ is the second single to come from Bonobo’s The North Borders album. Grey Reverend features and lends his grizzly vocals to the track, which when paired with the downtempo mastery of Simon Green produces an emotive and affecting song. Be sure to check out the spectacular video which really compliments the mood and painful story.

Candy Says
Candy Says debut single ‘Favourite Flavour’ is an endearing track with a very catchy chorus. Employing harmonies creates a real depth to the vocals and is reminiscent of Goldfrapp's style. The synth beats are perfect for the summer and the song is sure to be a success.

If you like big bass dance, riffing on 80's electronica and with androgynous vocals then this track is for you. There's actually something pretty catchy here, if only the track had a little more focus. Sadly the final 30 seconds of woo wooing is just a bit wrong.

Husky Rescue
With their fourth album waiting in the wings, Husky Rescue might have added a couple of new members but it's not fundamentally affected what they do. Let's not beat around the bush: the Scandinavians have this genteel electro-pop down pat, and even when it gets a little weird in the middle, this is still an infectious effort from an under-rated combo.

Tree House (Radio Edit) by Husky Rescue

After last year's brilliant album Advaitic Songs, OM handed over a couple of tracks to dubstep supremoes Alpha & Omega for a fresh twist. 'Gethsemane' has now turned into some relaxed reggae-style weirdness, and whilst interesting and innovative to begin with, becomes somewhat tedious after twenty monotonous minutes.

You've got to hand it to Sulk: they know what they want to do - which is start another baggy revival. You may not share their ambition but you've got to tip your Lennon cap to their kahones. Summery, guitar pop-psych that will either enervate or excite - perhaps at the same time.

The 1975
As the lead track from new EP, IV, the big beat intro initially intrigues but what transpires is a dangerously mainstream anthem from that whole The Script ballpark. Well executed, but not built with your correspondent in mind.

The latest slice from Tribes' second album Wish To Scream (out Monday), 'Dancehall' delivers exactly what we've come to expect from the Camden four-piece. A tale of longing set against stadium-sized guitars, it sweeps you along instantly. Unsubtle, but effective.

Single of the Week

Winter Mountain
This is totally the kind of single I hope I'll hear each week. Nothing too clever, it's an upbeat number from two guys who sound like they're having great fun. They pull off the two part harmonies perfectly, and there's a touch of western California about their sound. I'm excited to hear what they've got out next, and that's what a single's for.

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