Paper Aeroplanes - Little Letters

Growing up somewhere as scenic as Pembrokeshire with its small industrial towns, rolling countryside and landscapes sprawling out to sea, it’d be no surprise to end up making music that fuses large, wide ranging themes of love with those more intimate and personal. It's what Welsh duo Paper Aeroplanes do via a light style: certainly not rock, but not pop, and not really folk, but some sort of mix of all three. Their journey has mainly involved hard work, mixing album launches and gigs in local coffee shops with extensive tours of smallish venues around the UK. It’s through these live shows and subsequent word of mouth that they’ve started to make a name for themselves. Little Letters showcases Sarah Howells wonderful celtic voice, sounding a touch Corrs-ish with a strong helping of Welsh inflection. Certainly opening track ‘When The Windows Shook’ highlights the full, rich sound musical partner Richard Llewellyn produces when combined with Howells' poignant delivery. The mandolin supported ‘Red Rover’ delves into the dark before ‘Fable’ strips it all back, just vocals and guitar. The title track is a dramatic thing, all Florence & The Machine rhythmic drumming and atmosphere. It also acts as a pivot to take the album into a broader space, the lyrics feel more intimate but the music is more expansive. There’s musing on the very nature of love (‘Multiple Love’), a definite for Radio 2’s playlist (‘At The Altar’), country from Cymru (‘Palm Of Your Hand’) and the really rather beautiful (‘Sleeper Train’). The confidence of closer ‘Circus’ shows a duo that have really found their footing. Don’t be surprised when they’re soundtracking trailers for the latest BBC/ITV drama this summer. This music creates that sort of feel and Paper Aeroplanes need just that kind of push to reach the wider audience they deserve.



out of 10

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