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You might recognise the distinctive vocals of electro-pop duo AlunaGeorge from the massive Disclosure hit ‘White Noise’. Their new solo single ‘Attracting Flies’ is set to make considerable chart impact with fresh and infectious beats that really bring the track together. This unique offering provides a well-needed respite from predictable pop and be sure to check out the twisted fairytale video.

Big Deal
More vaguely shoegazy boy/girl indie pop that flirts with being by-the-numbers but if you like the formula, and don't mind the predictability, Big Deal do it as well as any.

Crystal Fighters
'Wave' from London band Crystal Fighters sounds like summer vacation. There is the distinct Spanish influence that is a key element to their sound, yet Sebastian Pringle's shouty vocals has the effect of the annoying British tourist sitting table next to you, bringing a bit of English uncouthness to the exotic landscape. All in all an interesting mix that may take some getting used to, but well worth the effort.

Flash Pan Hunter
Quirky, lo-fi bedroom blues with hints of Beck maybe, or Jake Bugg if he was in it for the shits and giggles. Not 100% convincing, but Mr Hunter seems to be a man with a mission - and a bad hat.

A swirling, haunting and utterly bewitching debut single reminiscent of Tom McRae at his best. The understated backing vocal from Sarah Blasko only adds to the enjoyment that is cruelly, but skillfully, curtailed before the longed for epic finale. Fantastic stuff and a brilliant primer for Fletcher's debut album Upon Ayr that is coming soon.

Glass City Vice
A workmanlike debut of anthemic indie rock completely ruined by the ridiculously annoying clipping of words by the singer. A lost opportunity.

I'm not sure if 'pretty cool' will still resonate with the kids, but that's what 'Ready To Go' is. It's indie pop with a hint of Phil Spector to the production (which a lot of people are trading in at the moment, to be fair) but that doesn't stop a bit of quality shining through.

Rounding up the Birmingham four-piece's previous releases, the Milkshake EP proves a smart sampler for JAWS's brand of garage pop-rock. Recent single 'Friend Like You' provides the highlight, its shimmering guitars a perfect companion to the spring sunshine, but over six tracks, the vocals could prove irritating and too monotonous for some. Get past this though, and there's a lot to admire.

Night Beds
Ah, This is lovely. '22' from Night Beds has a winsome Fleet Foxes feel that is a delight to listen to. The music is light and airy with Winston Yellen's lovely voice casting a spell over you and before you know it you've hit the replay button. You'll fall in love, trust me.

Tom McRae
Underrated troubadour finds a small spotlight for his dark declarations.

Veronica Falls
Are Veronica Falls worth the wait?

Single of the Week

The Strypes
We don't often take ages into account when it comes to music (it's either good or it isn't), but it's hard to ignore the fact that Irish rockers The Strypes are all between 14-16 years old. There's a real retro edge to their blues rock and an energy that's infectious, making this a confident debut. It's easy to see what Mercury saw in them.

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