Singles of the Week

Ding, Do.. (Stop it - Ed.). Hey ho, Let's Go.

Amelia Lily
Big, uptempo, club pop that should get a lot of play down the gym but it's a little anonymous, with Lily bringing nothing to the show that you don't get from any number of no-name vocalists who usually do this stuff.

Fred’s House
A delightfully upbeat and bouncy piece of banjo heavy folk pop that is as catchy and enjoyable as one could hope for and a wonderfully assured debut that bodes well for the future. Lovely stuff.

Horse Party

This is good. 'Back To Mono' has an air of PJ Harvey, which is really as much as you need to know. Go on, press play and investigate further.

Mike Tyler
The piano and oompah arrangement may be slightly understated by Mike Tyler's usual standards but the way it is pieced together with his laconic drawl makes for a strangely addictive and refreshingly unusual listen. The short, sharp uptempo B-side 'Corny Song' is a throwaway piece of pop whimsy but great fun nonetheless. The single comes as a lovingly crafted package of a green vinyl the 7”, CD and, inexplicably, a jigsaw puzzle cover which all combine to make for a great little record.

Minus The Bear
The last time I encountered Minus The Bear I was unimpressed with their generic indie rhythms. Fortunately, 'Listing' makes for a much more interesting listen because of the impassioned delivery and slightly off kilter arrangement that keep you interested throughout. A great improvement.

On the Bandwagon: The Ramona Flowers

We talk with drummer Ed about 2013's oddest gig experience.

I fall to Peaces.

The Physics House Band
A bold opening statement from Brighton's The Physics House Band. Two-sided EP Horizons / Rapture combines all manner of instruments through its 25 minute traverse into the depths of psychedelic math rock and while it won't be to everyone's tastes, the confidence and aural delights of tracks like 'Teratology' has to be admired. How well their brand will work over a full-length remains to be seen, but there's no doubting they have the talent.

Single of the Week

Post War Glamour Girls

Sometimes a record comes along that makes music seem as thrilling and vital as it always should be. 'Jazz Funerals' is that record. Obviously you can never go wrong with heavy, pounding bass driven songs about death but when it is delivered with the kind of enthralling low end drawl that Tom Waits would be proud of you know you are listening to something brilliant. Backed, as it is, with an epically downshifted take on Robert Palmer’s synth-poptastic 'Johnny and Mary' you have two cuts that mark Leeds’ post punk/indie rockers Post War Glamour Girls as a truly special band.Adding to the excitement is the fact that it is released as a a limited edition heavyweight 7” (and very heavy and lovely it is too), that just adds to the feeling of class and brilliance from the moment the needle hits the record. 'Jazz Funerals' is the first truly essential single of the year so buy it now, you won’t regret it.

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