The Pigeon Detectives - We Met At Sea

The Pigeon Detectives are one of those bands almost everyone knows, but can't quite place. They were part of a new generation of Brit indie bands in the mid-noughties, their small town West Yorkshire roots giving them some identity but despite two Top 10 albums, you'd pass them in the street with nary a second glance. So why the continued interest? We Met At Sea suggests why: classic hooks, solid guitar lines and a bit of poetry on the lyrical side which places them firmly within the British indie band canon.

Opening track ‘Animal’ has big, anthem-like qualities, and it’s easy to hear why it was picked to introduce people to the slightly heavier sound of We Met At Sea. Single ‘I Won’t Come Back’ is the perfect example of how the band are currently rolling; it’s as if they’ve thrown away the jangly indie guitars and replaced them with big rock riffs - as well as having the hooks and smarts they've always traded in. ‘Unforgettable’ sounds as if it wouldn’t be out of place on a Stereophonics record, with its echoes of their 2005 hit ‘Dakota’. However, this does not mean they’ve deserted their roots: ‘Light Me Up’ is perfect student union disco fare while ‘No State to Drive’ those traditional indie tropes which long-time fans will love.

This can only be described as a fast paced journey, only slowing down on ‘Day and Month’ for a momentary catching of breath. It does mean for a slightly repetitive listening experience, with only the occasionally heavier guitars mixing up the standard Pigeon Detectives formula. Not a game changer then, more a fan pleaser - and one which needs more variety if they ever want to reach the heady heights of being a poster on someone's bedroom wall.



out of 10

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