Singles of the Week

Not much to choose from this week, but still one clear winner. You won't have to wait long to find out...

Beaty Heart
At about two minutes long this twee piece of folk pop would be just about bearable but at over 4 minutes it is horribly irritating and you need a good hard wash to get rid of the sugary coating left in your ears. Bonus annoyance points for the 'quirky' cassette release.

Funeral For A Friend

Another slab of powerful and attention grabbing straight ahead metal from the Welsh rockers' latest album Conduit. A cracking song that can only add to the inexorable rise of Funeral For A Friend.

James Yuill
First single from These Spirits, debut album from James Yuill, and it is quite a beauty. Encompassing elements of Hurts and 80's synth-pop, 'Turn Yourself Around' is an engaging and captivating pop tune with a certain je ne sais quoi. Not usually my sort of thing, but I like it.

Josh Kumra
The final taster of Josh Kumra's debut album Good Things Come To Those Who Don't Wait (out April 15th through RCA), 'The Answer' is an inoffensive, stripped back ditty that fully showcases Kumra's soulful vocals, even if it doesn't do much else.

Single of the Week

Gypsy & The Cat

Fittingly released in time for that big golden ball in the sky to reappear, the first taster from Gypsy & The Cat's second album The Late Blue (out May 6th via Alsatian Music) is highly promising. 'Only In December' is all bright synths and soft vocals, quietly caressing you into submission.

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