Singles of the Week

Its slim picking this week as the record companies avoid the bank holiday, but thankfully despite this we've still got a few decent tracks to listen to while munching on our Easter eggs...

Iggy Azalea
For her first official UK release, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has decided to let us in on the journey that got her there in 'Work'. It involved being "16 in the middle of Miami" apparently so there's little doubt she's come far, but that doesn't mean that this track will appeal to anyone who doesn't already have an interest in the genre. Nice swearing though.

In The Valley Below
Coming across like a darker Civil Wars, there's a lot to admire in LA duo In The Valley Below's debut three-track EP Hymnal. Most impressive is the variation as the title track opens proceedings with lovely hushed vocal harmonies, before giving way to the synth pop leanings of 'Last Soul'. Standout though is 'Palm Tree Fire' which throbs with desire and subtle menace, ending things on a high that will see us coming back for me.

Another top notch single of raucously fun post hardcore from Scholars that just roars like lion from start to finish. These boys will go far, if they don't lose a leg that is.

Taylor Swift
'I Knew You Were Trouble' might have ended up being more known for a certain screaming goat, but originally it continued a remarkable purple patch for Taylor Swift and '22' extends that further. The third single to be taken from Swift's 5+ million-selling album RED continues to confirm that for sheer ability in crafting a solid gold pop stormer, there really is no one out there that can cling to Swift's coattails, let alone match her.

Single of the Week

Girl Called Johnny
With a lovely tinge of surf pop vibes, the debut track from Girl Called Johnny shows a lot of promise. 'Heaven Knows' is all about the vocals, honey smooth and emotive, and they arrest from the off, eventually leaving you wanting more. Consider our interest piqued.

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