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Beatrice Eli

One misstep aside (fittingly, the plodding 'Definite Mistake'), Scandinavian Beatrice Eli's debut EP It's Over has a lot to admire, not just in the dark, synth-fuelled charms of the title track. We've waxed lyrically about 'The Conqueror' before and it's pleasing to note its lost none of its unsettling joy on repeat listen, but it's the closing 'Violent Silence' that excites the most. Arguably the most straightforwardly pop outing of the four, it fully showcases the power of Eli's characteristic vocals and her ear for a killer hook. Promising.

Everything Everything
You should know what to expect when it comes to Everything Everything now, and 'Duet' is no exception. Fortunately, we like EE's shtick a lot so Jonathan Higgs' unique falsetto vocals are always welcome, especially when it comes with some lovely strings as it does here.

Holy Esque
Once you get used to Pat Hynes' gravelly, vibrato-tinged vocals, there's a lot to be savoured in Holy Esque's brand of soaring indie rock. Vocals aside, it's all fairly familiar but done with an admiring level of confidence that stands it out from the landfill.

Josef Salvat
Australian Josef Salvat has "set the Internet alight" it tells us here, but we're feeling not even a flicker of flame for 'This Life'. We like the subtle backing vocal harmonies, but everything else about the track is fatally plodding to these ears not helped by a vocal turn from Salvat that is too downbeat for its own good.

I recognise those haircuts! In fact I had several of them at one point. Such follicle-driven memories also bring to mind any number of post-baggy, post-shoegaze outfits who contrived to bring the two genres together. I didn't like it then, and I certainly don't like it now.

We remember being highly enamoured with Vuvuvultures' first standalone single 'I'll Cut You', even awarding it SOTW status. Yet we doubt the same will befall 'Stay Still' which despite its strong start, setting out their defiantly odd and dark stance, the track just gets muddled down in overbearing synths at the expense of crafting a great song. We've little doubt 'Stay Still' will make a wonderful racket live, but it just doesn't quite work on record. Kudos for the bonkers video though.

Radio-friendly dubstep that might upset purists. While it has an undeniable energy, it fails to go anywhere in particular with it.

Single of the Week


Storming first single from Tribes' second album Wish To Scream, out May 20th. 'How The Other Half Live' has that perfect balance of carefree vibes and stadium rock posturing that made the Camden four-piece's debut Baby such a hit within these Towers. We can't wait to hear what the follow-up has in store.

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