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We've a lot to get through this week so let's get down to it, boppers!

Charlene Soraia
Not that the world is particularly looking for another young lady with an inevitably sensitive approach to singer-songwriter-isms but Charlene Soraia, on the surface at least, seems more interesting than most. 'Ghost' is a strong attempt at a big Nashville-tinged ballad but it lacks much of the character Soraia presents in interview. To be honest, if you were told it had been bought in from a songwriting farm, you wouldn't be surprised.

Cody ChesnuTT
Taken from his excellent recent album, the wonderful Landing On A Hundred, ''Til I Met Thee' is a joyous burst of soulful, funky music that the late, great Marvin Gaye would have been proud of. Cody ChesnuTT is a talent to treasure. Don't let him pass you by.

indie, 4AD

Heidi Talbot
A jaunty piece of folky goodness from Irish born Heidi Talbot that should raise many a smile from the hordes celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Lovely stuff

To whet the appetite for their debut full-length In A Perfect World released worldwide on June 10th, Kodaline have released this four-track effort, one of which is Everything Everything's remix of their previous single 'All I Want'. The formula is fairly clear and if you've ever listened to The Script or Coldplay, you know exactly what awaits, but Kodaline manage to just about stay the right side of the line between soaring and schmaltzy. 'The Answer' is the standout, stripping back everything to let the vocals shine, yet lead track 'High Hopes' is bound to soundtrack at least one sporting montage this year.

Man Like Me
The latest track to be taken from Man Like Me's Pillow Talk (released at the start of this month), 'Sleaze' is a perfect example of the duo's infectious charms. Big hooks and a sax solo make 'Sleaze' a massive jolt of summer fun, even in these cold and miserable days.

Mikill Pane
Confession alert. We wouldn't usually go in for songs like this, yet we can't deny that Mikill Pane's lyrics raised a chuckle. Perhaps it's the Star Wars reference or our respect for his beard, but we really do have a 'Good Feeling' about this track. Or maybe we just wanted to use that terrible pun.

Electro-based indie that hints at a hidden, quirky underbelly but pulls back at the last minute before ever showing itself properly. The kind of thing Jo Whiley might play if she was standing in for Steve Lamacq.

Law A by PaPrintS

The Burning of Rome
It's not hard. The trick to catching the attention is to be interesting. 'Norman Bates' is a faintly ridiculous slice of theatrical pomp that could catch the ear of Arcade Fire fans looking for something more left field. The pomp stops briefly for some screaming. It's terribly good fun. We have the album kicking around the office and now we're intrigued. All other bands: please take note!

The Family Rain
Lo-fi garage rock awaits on The Family Rain's 'Carnival', where everything is done at double speed and is at least entertaining while it lasts. Having just signed to Mercury Records, big things are probably expected, yet the trio will have to come up with something that lasts longer in the memory to convince us.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
More ludicrous heavy psychedelia from your favourite dirty old Uncle. Makes Josh Homme and co. seems like a bunch of convent girls.

Wild Belle
Brother and sister act Elliot and Natalie Bergman (aka Wild Belle) may look like they've decided to make music in between bumming around after college and inheriting their Grandpa's patents for denture fixative, but by design or happenstance, their debut album is an enjoyable concoction of feel-good, sunset-over-the-Caribbean pop.The recipe is most definitely early 80s, the frosting post-slacker cool. Some will find Miss Bergman's vocals too blank to properly engage but the music itself is generally jaunty enough to melt whatever retiscence you may have. Single and opener 'Keep You' paddles a similar lagoon to Santigold's reggae-tinged numbers, a honking saxophone offering additional colour atop the lazy skanks. The feel continues on the more up-beat 'It's Too Late' and while there are interludes into more electro-pop areas, the sax keeps cropping up and the vibe remains positive. By track six and the feisty 'Just Another Girl', you may even have Natalie down as a soul belter in waiting. If you find yourself defending The Ting Tings to bemused colleagues, Wild Belle will similarly bring a little splash of colour to your listening.

Ooh baby, it's cold outside. Wild Belle bring a little Caribbean breeze to warm you up.

Mmm - which way does this fall? Is 'Comets Crossed' like a slightly woozy Sarah Records act or a vaguely nervous Creation combo? B-side 'Dromes' makes me think of a hesitant Ride. None of these scenarios do much to convince that Younghusband have that much more to give.

Single of the Week

At long last, we have the new single from Seventies throwbacks Purson. 'Leaning On A Bear' is the lead single from debut offering The Circle And The Blue Door, and is a wonderful slice of psychedelic rock infused with folk and doom. Rosalie Cunningham's hypnotic vocals toy with the infectious melodies that instantly become lodged in the brain, and promise great things for the upcoming record.

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