Leaves - The Spell

The Spell is the first single from Leaves’ imminent 2nd album release The Angela Test.

Despite having a major line-up change soon after their debut ‘Breathe’, the characteristic sound still remains, but with a slight tinge of the new, given that all 5 members of the band have brought their own ideologies to the forefront of this new record.

The track itself is very flowing and surprisingly catchy. With its running drumbeat juxtaposed with a stringed accompaniment it somehow works well.

The B-sides on the single are Do I Sink?, which is a metaphorical tipped hat to Pink Floyd, with its slight dark edge. Followed by a contrasting ‘Til I Die with its echoing vocals sounding like the beach boys, had they been raised on the ice floes of Iceland instead of sunny bays of California.

There are subtle changes here, which some may like and some may not. The album will be the acid test in this case however.



out of 10

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