Jenn Bostic - Jealous

Jealous is an impressively personal debut from US singer-songwriter Jenn Bostic. The loss of the singer's father when she was aged just ten permeates the whole album, with wistful memorable lyrics describing her feelings both at the time of the tragic event and also in later life. That's not to say the album is a downbeat or dreary; it's more a celebration of a life cut short than the mourning of a death. Opening with the remarkably upbeat 'Change', it isn't until a sudden tone change on the beautiful piano-driven 'Jealous Of The Angels' that we get a glimpse of the rawness of Bostic's paternal emotions and it's a subject specifically revisited seven tracks later with 'Just One Day'. Between these two pillars the folk-country-pop record is rarely less than entertaining showcasing a wealth of musical talent. 'Not Yet' allows Bostic to stretch her vocal muscles demonstrating her ability switch from sweet subtleties to crack-free power in mere seconds - think Grace Potter with vocal training from Whitney Houston and you'd be somewhere close.

Jealous is an album that rides on a wave of emotion: loss, regret and nostalgia, and it's credit to Bostic that this doesn't become a drag. The depth of feeling is commendable and allows her to address difficult subjects in a thought-provoking and ultimately uplifting way. Managing to find that rare cross-over appeal that will allow the singer to break away from her country roots, Bostic deserves great success and on the strength of this album, she'll achieve it.



out of 10

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