Theme Park

They’ve got something but what, exactly? The current slew of Brit indie boys seem split equally between bright, beat-driven fiddling and slovenly, legacy riffing, and Theme Park plump unequivocally for the former. The trio’s debut is so likeable you wanna give it a slap. Yes, it’s nicely crafted. But because it showcases rhythm rather than melody, it doesn’t proffer hooks that might pull you in further and get fully under the skin.

Opener ‘Big Dream’ shimmies with the stylings that define this debut - sharp harmonies, clipped guitar, burbling beats. A sense of sunny, well-being dominates. But will you be coming back to this one, say, next year, tied to the memories and good times it soundtracked? Mmm. Despite, or perhaps because of, its wide-eyed, upbeat disposition, Theme Park starts to slip into the background after a couple of listens. Agreeable to an almost off-putting degree, it sells itself largely on its intelligence and its craft. Worthy commodities, no argument, but more enterprise, more daring, would have added to its appeal.



out of 10

Last updated: 06/08/2018 23:27:13

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