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Another day, another dollar, another Singles of the Week...

Caro Emerald
The first single from Caro Emerald's second album is a jaunty jazz tune that carries on the themes of her debut. It's a heady fusion of jazz and hip-hop with a killer hook and gives us a good feeling about her sophomore LP.

Hannah Scott
For sheer spine tingling brilliance look no further than 'Your Lullaby', the clear highlight of this debut EP from Hannah Scott. With her pristine voice soaring above the gentle piano backing it is a hauntingly wonderful piece of pop/folk majesty. The rest of the songs on dispaly are no slouches either and combine to make this EP a rather lovely way to kick off the week.

Heartless Bastards
This is a decent little slice of old skool rock from Texas band Heartless Bastards, second single from their debut album Arrow. With more than a little nod to 70's titans like Zeppelin and T Rex, 'Gotta Have Rock and Roll' has a certain swagger, with a persistent and insistent rhythm that is also just a tad repetitive. An enjoyable four minutes none the less.

Jagwar Ma

Feeling maudlin for the loss of your youth then why not break out the glowsticks, and shake your thang to this jaunty, Shamenesque piece of electro pop, that will have the crowds dancing like it's 1992. Great fun.

L. Marshall
Auto tuned to within an inch of it's life and containing utterly appalling lyrics, 'Castles' is inane drivel that will no doubt sell by the bucketload. Awful on every level.

Lone Wolf
Taken from the superb Pledgemusic funded album The Lovers, 'The Ghosts of Holloway' is the kind of song that make it worth getting up in the morning. It is an almost perfect piece of pop brilliance that grabs hold of you from the very outset and doesn't release it's grip at any point. Mean, moody and magnificent it shows the uncanny knack for superb songwriting that Paul Marshall aka Lone Wolf consistently delivers. Astonishing.

A nice old-fashioned tune from Stereophonics. Indian Summer, debut single from their forthcoming album Graffiti On The Train, has a Springsteen/Gaslight Anthem melancholy sweetness about it. The simple, straightforward melody, and Kelly Jones' lovely husky vocals, make it totally irresistible.

The Virginmarys

Workmanlike indie rock - with the emphasis on the rock aspect - from the Macclesfield trio who are just getting round to their first proper album, despite originally getting together in 2006. If you liked Feeder as a kid, you might like this (while recognising you are probably too old to listen to this stuff nowadays).

Theme Park
Although not normally my cup of tea there is no denying that Theme Park have a rather fine line in glistening electro pop perkiness that is enough to make even the most curmudgeonly of old geezers smile and 'Tonight' is no exception. Lovely stuff.

Train are obviously just playing to their no doubt devoted audience but how they have managed to have such a successful career with this kind of formulaic AOR just beggars belief. Dull and instantly forgettable.

Single of the Week

Eliza & The Bear

I am 42 and quite like shopping at Aldi. However, I've just spoken with my 22 year old self and he says "Music you would play to try and get into the knickers of an English literature graduate." He was wise beyond his years that lad.

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