Singles of the Week

Unlike a certain other awards ceremony tonight, TMF's singles of the week is always aired live, uncensored and raucous. Now that the expectations have been set, do this week's batch of singles live up to hype?

Charli XCX
Down tempo by modern standards for a single, but this is a pretty engaging slice of electro pop all the way from the English/Welsh border. The supporting video is amusingly Tank Girl via Primark.

Dropout Dan
Although there can be no faulting the musicianship and obviously impassioned delivery, the first four songs on this EP from Cambridgeshire's Dropout Dan just drift by pleasantly enough but lack any real spark. Only on the epic strains of closer 'Like The Stars' do you get the sense that Dan has really let himself get lost in the music and delivered something that makes you consider giving him another chance.

Funeral For A Friend
Thumping drums lead in to another short, sharp, slab of top notch rocking out from Funeral For A Friend who may well be the most reliable and enjoyable British rock band currently on the circuit. Rollickingly good stuff.

Little Green Cars - Harper Lee
Watch the video for 'Harper Lee', new single from Little Green Cars' debut album Absolute Zero out the 13th May.

Night Beds
Second single from Night Beds' debut album Country Sleep, 'Ramona' has a wistful, old-fashioned feel just perfect for gray, rainy days like these and Winston Yellen's beautiful voice will warm you up like a soothing tonic. Lovely stuff.

Rita Ora
The latest track to be taken from Rita Ora's platinum-selling debut album ORA, 'Radioactive' looks set to dominate both the airwaves and dancefloors around the country. A tad generic perhaps, but sharply delivered and boasts strong vocals that make it a hit.

The Cribs
A bit of a gem for The Cribs' fans, 'Leather Jacket Love Song' will no doubt be the jewel in the crown of their forthcoming singles collection. Previously unreleased, rarely played live, this three minute indie pop ditty is a real delight. Simple straightforward rock and roll at its best.

The Vestals
This double a-sider may not offer anything particularly original but their melancholic take on the ever popular jangly guitar sound makes The Vestals a band worth keeping an eye on. Promising stuff.

Single of the Week

Dark Horses
Heavy on the Velvets vibe, Dark Horses mine a similar seam of noir-ish drone to Black Angels, albeit with a poppier tone. 'Boxing Day' has an interesting, bubbling synth but 'Traps' just edges it. A full album is promised soon and this is a good taster.


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