Poptones - The Cassette Played Poptones

Alan McGee says on the album sleeve that what bands included on this compilation of newly signed Poptones artists are what is exciting to him and his team musically and not a result of what the media’s perception is of what is popular.

He goes onto say that he wonders if people care but when The Paddingtons or The Others play, you realise that none of that matters – Alan McGee believes in this music now and there’s no turning back.

Critics would almost always bring up The Libertines in a situation like this, as it was McGee who signed and launched their two albums, and is continuing to launch other street urchins in bands thereafter, and by default has made urchin rock a particular scene in popular culture. But whether he has signed such bands as a reflection of the market or as a quest to find the next holy rock movement to be as powerful as the Sex Pistols et al in 1977 remains to be seen.

But it doesn’t matter, the sounds of the scene are as important to popular culture as his Death Disco night and this compilation of Poptones signees are a reflection of this. The notables are The Paddingtons and The Others and impressively, the soulful Boxer Rebellion and the cultish KillCity and all inclusions have the slightly edgy underground sound of now.

The Cassette Played Poptones is for the popular culture bookshelf and probably is wanting of going down in history and McGee’s personal thank you to John Lydon for the of the name Poptones will probably inch it towards that perspective.



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